Living the Bible in the workplace

This March, I attended a Men’s fellowship / breakfast with guest speaker Bill English who delivered a great talk titled “Living the Bible in the Workplace”. It was a fantastic presentation. Experienced engineers and scientists know that while computers are important, the most important skill we can master is dealing with people. Bill’s talk challenged us to think about we treat people at work, how we want our professional legacy to be remembered, and how we can focus our daily activities towards achieving success with our work and with our professional relationships.

Oh – as it turns out, Bill is a tech guy – a Microsoft SharePoint / Exchange trainer and author here in Minneapolis. You can find out more about Bill and his company here – Bill English – Mindsharp

Bill English – “Living the Bible in the workplace”

  • How will you be remembered for your work? What will you leave behind in “your wake” (boat wake):
  • What did you accomplish?
  • How did you treat others in the process?
  • Before you can be an effective teacher, you must earn respect from others benicar 40 mg.
  • Steve Jobs : accomplished a lot, didn’t always treat others well.
  • Tony Dungee : accomplished some, was great to others.
To earn respect, be Integrated with people
  • Connect authentically. “Lean in” to them. Listen before talking.
  • Orient toward the truth. High achievers face reality and deal with it.
  • Resolve conflict. The Bible clearly states we will have problems. If you want to help people in their relationship to God, you need to resolve personal conflict.
  • Delivers results & finish well. Don’t be mediocre. Human tendency is to do just enough to get by. Fight the temptation to coast. Fight the temptation to blame others for mediocrity.
  • Orient toward growth. Own your work. Don’t check out, check in.
  • Be transcendent. Sacrifice yourself for the greater cause.
Ask yourself
  • Do you take risks? If you want to walk on water, you have to get out of your boat (comfort zone). There is always risk. Take on risk.
  • Are you coasting? Are you holding back?

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