Using Custom iOS / OSX Frameworks

I’ve had many occasions where I’ve wanted to include internal frameworks in an iOS or OSX application. Years ago (and still to this day on small projects – don’t judge :), I’d simply add the framework code into a separate folder in the application and compile it directly into the application itself. Of course, I … [Read more…]

Evan Doll : iOS Tools at Flipboard

Evan Doll of Flipboard fame explained the tools they use in Flipboard development in a 2014 NSConference talk. What I like about Evan and his talk is his honesty and straight forward approach. There is no hipster framework name dropping, cat pictures, or other side shows – just an honest look into the tools and … [Read more…]

Spotify : Mac and web app comparision

For Christmas, I was gifted a year subscription to Spotify. Up to this point, I’ve purchased all my music. I’ve used Spotify in the past using a free account to try it out, but never committed. I didn’t really get into the service much – I found my playlists got stale quick and didn’t invest … [Read more…]